Yes, we’re local.

No matter where your cold storage, ammonia refrigeration, halocarbon refrigeration or refrigerated warehouse needs are, it’s likely DEEM is near you. With 400 employees in our Commercial Refrigeration Division and 13 offices that cover 23 states throughout the midwest and southeastern United States, DEEM has the commercial refrigeration resources and capacity to get your job done. Our highly trained site designers, cold storage project managers, procurement specialists and experienced refrigeration installation technicians have the expertise to handle every aspect of your commercial refrigeration project, from planning to completion, so that you can focus on what you do best–running your business.


The Industry Leader in Supermarket Refrigeration Systems

Utilizing cutting-edge technology, the DEEM commercial refrigeration team leads the industry in the installation and servicing of supermarket refrigeration systems for supermarket chains across the country. With a commitment to professional development, we built a state-of-the-art training facility in Indianapolis that includes a fully functional in-house supermarket refrigeration model. Our dedicated  training enables us to exceed the expectations of our supermarket refrigeration customers by providing them with commercial refrigeration technicians who deliver timely, efficient, safe and high-quality service.


Call DEEM and it’s done.

Complete Commercial Refrigeration Services. The DEEM Advantage.

Whether you’re designing a cold storage facility from the ground up or upgrading an existing facility, the DEEM team of refrigeration experts will be with you every step of the way to ensure that your end product fits your needs and specifications.


The DEEM Advantage Process.

When you’re starting a cold storage construction project, the DEEM team will:

  • Create your design. Whether it’s a new build or a retrofit, our expert team of cold storage experts will lay out the plans for your mechanical system as well as the building itself, to be sure it’s planned for maximum efficiency.  
  • Make a plan for you. Once your space is planned to maximize storage and efficiency, our team of cold storage specialists will produce all the necessary drawings to bring those plans to life.
  • Select your equipment. To ensure you get exactly what you need, our team of industrial refrigeration specialists will help you select the specific products you need to get the job done.
  • Procure. There’s no need for you to decipher product spec sheets to make sure your components are compatible. The DEEM team does it all. We’ll procure everything you need to get up and running–lights, compressors, condensers and mechanical  systems.
  • Manage your project. We bring it all together. Our team of project managers has years of experience in industrial refrigeration projects. We’ll hire and oversee all of the subcontractors and manage the deadlines for you.
  • Complete your installation. Once all the components are in place, we’ll finish the job. Your Deem team of cold storage construction experts will stay with your project until your refrigeration facility is fully up and running.

If you don’t need start-to-finish design and project management, the DEEM refrigeration team still has you covered with a wide range of cold storage, rack refrigeration and refrigerated warehouse products and services.


Industrial Refrigeration Products

The DEEM Commercial Refrigeration division offers a full line of products for all of your cold storage needs.

  • Coolers and freezers
  • Box-in-box warehouses
  • Stand-alone warehouses
  • Distribution centers
  • Halocarbon and ammonia refrigeration systems
  • Blast cells
  • Ultra low temp (-40° F/C )


Industrial Refrigeration Materials

Along with expert planning and installation, our team of industrial refrigeration experts will expedite your project’s completion by specifying and procuring the DEEM materials necessary to finish the job.

  • Insulated panels- The complete envelope; walls, ceiling, floors, with an R30 to R60 insulating factor.
  • Insulated doors- Manual doors, sliders, overheads and rapid-roll.
  • Complete mechanical systems- Coolers, freezers, condensing units, evaporator coils, blast units, and ultra low temp.
  • Control systems- Temperature monitoring controls and alarms, including remote monitoring of humidity and temperature control.


Industrial Refrigeration Conversion

Outdated refrigeration systems are costly and difficult to maintain. While repair is sometimes possible, converting outdated systems that rely on R22 or other gases is the best choice to keep your refrigeration system running. DEEM provides all of the services you need to get an updated and efficient cold storage system. Here’s our process:

  • Convert or replace? The DEEM team of refrigeration experts will first analyze if repairing, converting or replacing your existing R22 or R134a system is your best and most cost-effective option.
  • Recovery and Disposal. Once we’ve converted your system, we’ll recover and dispose of the refrigerant, and flush the lines.
  • Oil analysis and change. After a conversion, it’s essential to check and clean the system for any residual oil. Our team of refrigeration conversion experts will do a complete oil analysis and change it as needed.
  • Complete seal replacement. It’s also essential to change all seals and gaskets after a conversion, as they will have also absorbed gas. Our team will replace all necessary parts to ensure that no residual gas remains.  
  • Existing system repair. In rare cases, it’s possible to repair existing systems without converting them. If this is at all possible, the DEEM refrigeration experts will let you know.


Ammonia Systems

It takes a specialized team of refrigeration experts to design, build and properly maintain ammonia systems. As members of the International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration (IIAR), the DEEM team has expert skills in ammonia refrigeration systems. We provide the following services:

  • Design-build of industrial ammonia refrigeration systems
  • Refrigeration systems retrofit
  • Custom ammonia refrigeration solutions 
  • Complete control system integration
  • Ammonia- propylene glycol chilling systems
  • Ammonia equipment service and maintenance
  • Vibration analysis
  • Hot/cold alignment
  • Water and air monitoring /testing
  • Mechanical integrity audits
  • Complete PLC control system integration


Some of the Markets We Serve:

  • Supermarkets
  • Validated Pharmaceutical Distribution and Life Sciences
  • Produce Distribution
  • Perishable Distribution
  • Food and Beverage Manufacturing
  • Agriculture (seed storage)
  • Third Party Logistics Companies
  • Refrigerated Warehouses
  • Industrial Processes