General Information

DEEM has highly trained technicians to assist you in all yourPlumbing needs. Our technicians are trained to maintain and service Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional Plumbing systems. Look at the services offered below. We can help!

Plumbing Service:

  • Repairs to galvanized, copper, and PVC (Pexel) water lines
  • Air, water, argon, natural gas lines
  • Medical gases
  • Fully mobilized “Jet” machine for cleaning drain lines
  • Back flow repair/certification
  • ***DEEM provides plumbing services for all routine plumbing problems.

Construction Information

DEEM’s Plumbing design and installation team provides many options for the owner, general contractor, or tenant to implement the proper and most cost effective system. Our design team is capable of design/build, plan and specification, turnkey, new construction, and retrofit construction systems for projects varying in size from a single restroom to a multiple story mixed-use building.

Our professional technicians will efficiently install the plumbing system so your project remains on schedule. Plumbers enter a construction site at the beginning and are typically the last to leave. At DEEM we understand the importance efficient and cost effective construction.

When you call on DEEM to complete an Plumbing construction project, you may expect them to design, install, or provide you with the following:

  • Drain, waste, and vent
  • Piping
  • Supply lines
  • Fixture rough-in
  • Fixture install
  • Water supply lines
  • Clean outs