DEEM’s Commitment to Safety

DEEM is committed to maintaining a safe and healthful working environment. Management, supervisors, and field employees form a safety committee to assist all employees in carrying out the actions needed to achieve this goal. We regularly communicate our goal to all employees and insist that they actively participate in working toward achieving it.

All managers and supervisors will fully support and participate in our “Safety and Health & Accident Prevention Plan,” and adhere to all safety and health policies and standards. Our protocol includes individual and group training programs, workshops, videos, and SDS plans. At DEEM we do not set safety budgets. We view a budget as a limitation. DEEM does not set limitations on the amount of money or effort it will provide to ensure the safety of our employees.

ALL safety equipment and training needed to complete the job safely will be provided at zero costs to the employee.

Safety Philosophy

Our philosophy is that prevention of personal injury is good business. We believe training employees to
work safely is essential to our belief that all injuries can be prevented, and all operational exposures can be guarded.

Working safely is a condition of employment with DEEM and all employees will be responsible for the prevention of injuries.

Corporate Safety Director

The DEEM Corporate Safety Director has the final word on all safety-related matters. Only the President/Owner of the company can overrule that decision. The Corporate Safety Director reports only to the President/Owner of the company who annually reviews the company’s safety performance and that of the Corporate Safety Director.

DEEM Safety Manager – Robert Wilson

DEEM Safety Compliance Officer – Blaine Tebbe